#ulog (84) The Low-end Gambling Life -- Sep. 6, 2018

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This Steemit ulog is a series of posts based on my day-to-day gambling activities. Basically, I summarize my results and possibly add notes or observations based on what happened on a given day at casinos. You the reader, should feel free to ask any questions or provide any feedback in the comments.

Next-day delays in posting are common due to having no stable schedules in my line of work.

Category Definitions

I split my results into categories based on the type of game and opportunity to make a profit. These categories are:

  • Core video poker: These are video poker games/machines that either has a player edge built-in, or which flips the edge from the house's favor into the player's favor when a promotion is applied. If the game has a progressive on the royal flush and/or other hands, the edge is based on the jackpot(s) being at its reset value. In the absence of any other extraordinary opportunities to capitalize on, I expect to spend most of my gambling time on core video poker games.

  • Other video poker: All other video poker games that are not part of my normal repertoire (e.g. progressive video poker games with excessively high jackpots).

  • Slot opportunities: Slot machines where I know of or perceive an edge in the player's favor. This edge will always be a temporary one except under the most extraordinary of circumstances. Depending on the opportunity, a slot session could be over in just seconds or take several hours to complete.

  • Other gambles: Everything else. It could be results from trying out a new slot machine, or playing other games such as video keno.

Summary Of The Day's Results

Core video poker: Played one single-line machine at $5/hand for about 1 hour, 20 minutes and finished at +$100.

Other video poker: none

Slot opportunities: 1 opportunity, went 1 for 1. Spent about 10 minutes and finished at +$6.45.

Other gambles: none

Total: +$106.45 for the day

Notes/Observations For The Day


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So you won?
I think your gambling ulog should feature a win or lose icon.

I see that you are tracking things... but make it obvious to dorks who don't know.


I thought that just the two symbols + (for wins/profits) and - (for losses) by themselves should have been sufficiently obvious, but I guess I am mistaken.

What about emojis? For instance, using 👍 or ✅ to indicate a day that ended with a net win, and using 👎 or ❌ to indicate a net loss on a particular day?