My Ulog #1 to the Traditional, to the Venezuelan!!!

in ulog •  11 months ago 

Hello steemianos friends.

This is my first post in @ulog, I was a little away from the page and I had not had the opportunity to participate in the @surpassinggoogle initiative.

my first @ulog I make her proud of my children and her participation in the school in the cultural activities of our country.
Every year it is a tradition that in schools and communities the "Baile de la Cruz de Mayo" is performed, children dressed in joropo costumes perform different choreographies alucive to Venezuelan florklore.

These are my babies, they are 7 and 4 years old.

Thank you for reading.IMG_20180629_102451.jpgIMG_20180629_100759.jpgIMG_20180629_101051.jpg

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