My Life's Biggest Regret Contest: How i lost a friend.

in ulog •  last year 

I know how to play the trumpet. About 10 years ago, my church needed more instrumentalist and an instructor was brought to train us. Some people wanted to learn the trumpet and others wanted to learn the keyboard. I went for the trumpet at that point.

After some months of learning, I could do a few things on the trumpet but I still needed to learn more. My instructor (John) wanted me to give more attention to learning at that point that performing before people but I wanted the opposite. I wanted people to see the progress that I have made in such a little time so I decided to do a performance in a program. I had a friend who was very good at playing the keyboard, so I begged him to come for me while I did songs with the trumpet.

On the day of the performance, my keyboard friend also advised me to learn more before coming out and start performing but I was not going to listen to him. He didn’t like the idea but he still agreed to play for me because of our friendship. When the time came, I came on stage and started playing, I performed badly. It was so bad that my keyboard friend got angry and stopped playing, he even left the keyboard and went to his seat while I was still playing rubbish with my trumpet. I felt embarrassed and betrayed. I created a huge distance between my keyboard friend and i and that distance exists even until now.** Don't blame me much, I didn't know much then like i do now.


My regret was that i didnt listen to my instructor or my friend about learning more, this lead to the bitter feeling of embarassment and betrayal, it also costed me a friend.

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