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Good morning everyone!

An early post this morning as I've got an expat coffee meetup at ten and then have to bus through to Port Louis to meet hubby.

This morning this came on my FB memory feed. I posted this in 2009. Can you believe it?! That's how long I've been on Facebook.

Have you ever realized how lucky you are to have friends from all over the world at your finger tips with all the different social media platforms available? Some friends you have never met off-line, others are beloved family members, some are close friends, some acquaintances met in an instant that resonated. Herein lies the rub; whether they know you personally or are only online friends, they are so happy to see you daily?

The fact of the matter is that we still need to act with discernment where making new online friends and even acquaintances in real life and not just invite each and every stranger into your life and onto your social media profile. There are so many to choose from. I personally use whatsapp, steemit, telegraph, FB, Instagram, Twitter, discord and I can barely keep up. 😂

Even having said that. I do enjoy the fact that my close friends or family members who are now mostly thousands of kilometers away can follow my life and likewise. In a world where if we didn't see each other on social media we would not be seeing one another at all. Being a family that relocates at the drop of a hat my social media platforms are always a reassurance that I won't lose contact with new or old friends and family.

I enjoy my newfound online friends and acquaintances just as enjoyable as we share jokes and get to learn more about each other and other parts of the world. Places that I might be blessed to see one day or not.

To me that's a blessing. So today I say hi to all my friends, family, online friends, acquaintances whom we've picked up along our journey and I thank you for being here. Sharing a joke. Liking a post, commenting on a photo or a blog.

I love having you all here from every corner of the world. WWF =WORLD-WIDE FRIENDS 🌍😊❤️ Have a beautiful day! ❤️
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And I love to become one of them who actually visited the island to do a coffee or tea together

And I would love to have you here. 😍 We'll be able to do a legsup together. 😂

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