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Technopreneur Blog
By: Dinmark Taguic

"Technology has become an integral part of mankind. Technopreneurs and Technopreneurship is a course that aims to motivate more people to consider their entrepreneurial potential using technology. "

Week 15 - The Weekly report (March 4-10,2019)

The project of our team is finally done and but there’s one thing that needs to be done it hasn’t been launched, there are still thing that needs to be clarified we still need to talk to our clients in the business side.

Nothing much really happened this week but there was a seminar about Intellectual Property Rights that happened this weekend. It’s good to have seminars like this in order for us to know the rights for our Intellectual Property and in order to protect it.

One of the goal of our team is to grow the number of our customers and to accommodate each customer properly for us to get good feedback from the customers.

Despite the struggles that we faced through our journey, we were able to start as a team and still continue as a team. There were a lot of lessons we learned and applied to our daily living.

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