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By: Dinmark Taguic

"Technology has become an integral part of mankind. Technopreneurs and Technopreneurship is a course that aims to motivate more people to consider their entrepreneurial potential using technology. "

Week 13 - The weekly report part 4 (February 18-24,2019)

“Everyone has an idea but it’s really about executing the idea and attracting other people to help you work on the idea.”

Last time we had a a couple of interviews majority were responsive to the questions given to them, we’ve found out that in order for you to market your product we act like the customers know the advantage and disadvantage of the product, so we can realize and know the possible upgrades for the our product.

Like how the business environment goes we should endorse our product and promote it to the customers so we can know the thoughts of the customers so they can evaluate the product.

So this week we had a lecture about different kinds ways on how to advertise a product, there’s a couple ways to advertise a product there are expensive ways and cheap ones to, but for a startup business we a have no initial funds so we must go with the cheap ones but also an effective way of advertising a product like fliers this is an example of offline ads.

For our website we are still resolving the errors we have encountered and fix it so we can already launch it already, so the customers can use it already and will be accommodated.

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