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Technopreneur Blog
By: Dinmark Taguic

"Technology has become an integral part of mankind. Technopreneurs and Technopreneurship is a course that aims to motivate more people to consider their entrepreneurial potential using technology. "

Week 16 - The Final Week (March 4-10,2019)

Finally we arrive in our final pitching day, This is the day we give our best and show the outcomes of our hardwork on this semester.

In this pitch, We in my team decide that I am the pitcher, So I my self as the pitcher do this job by convincing our 2 judge to get their positive feedback's to our project. Judge 1 Ms. Amora said that "Ganahan ko sa inyong project because this project will get a higher profit in the future, by helping small catering business to grow".

Even we our the last presentor to this pitching week, Our final pitch is about proposing to get all "small" catering service here Cagayan De Oro, The judges make us hope that one day this project will make us successful by creating this website.

In the end, we the "TeamUp" are so happy because we don't get any negative comments by the judges. finally, The project of our team is totally done.

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