ULOG: Create Handcrafts Out Of "Quotes By @surpassinggoogle" Quote # 2

in ulog •  9 months ago

Hello friends uloggers I am pleased again to participate in this initiative of our friend @samic through @surpassinggoogle. I love sweets especially the Fruty Aros cereal, that is why I am motivated to use them because they are super rich and fun, they have a variety of color that give a special touch to my message.

Step by step of my entry:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

If you want to participate in the contest here is the link: https://steemit.com/ulog/@samic/ulog-surpassinggoogle-create-handcrafts-out-of-quotes-by-surpassinggoogle-quote-2


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impresionante te quedo @dianaabreu

saludos :)

Hi @dianaabreu very cute , excellent work

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