You think its fun until it ends.

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We all plan on having super productive weekends. Maybe we’ll attend that morning workout on Saturday, or finally wash off ur dirty clothes. Or, we could catch up with our friends and spend the whole two days living our lives to the fullest.

Pfft. Who are you kidding? Weekends are internet and nap material. You’ll be lucky if you even leave the couch. Here are ten photos of me that perfectly summarise a fun filled weekend life.IMG_20180720_211630.jpg

It’s Friday! You don’t have to deal with work shit for at least two glorious days. Well, unless you’re rostered on for weekend shifts.

Chuck on your trackies and oversized hoodie, fire up your contacts and organise endless snacks. The ultimate Friday night. Here’s hoping the rest of the weekend is just as good.

When our friends start making plans for a big Firiday night out, the hesitation is real. Sure, we want to be fun, interesting young people. But also, how good is staying in?

Your decision relies solely on whether or not you’ve got a fire enough outfit. Can you find something you haven’t been photographed in yet and/or doesn’t make you look tragically outdated? Can you borrow something from a friend? Can you duck to the shops? Your decision will more than likely hinge on the outfit

You think ‘F*ck it’ and join your friends for a night of depravity and binge drinking. You ramp your pre-drinks up to the next (nearly dangerous) level so you don’t have to waste a bunch of money in the club.

Sure, you can feel your organs being stripped of their natural bacteria but it’s totally fine. Get drunk now, save money for later.


You hit the clubs, buy a $14 drink and realise this was the worst decision you’ve ever made. You’re properly buzzed, the music is way too loud and you’re terrified someone will steal your purse. You start thinking about where to hide ur fone so this show me love boys will not razzle it cos u are drunk AF.

Naturally, the next morning is pure hell. Why did you think all those vodkas were a good idea?

You’re absolutely 100 per cent never stepping foot in a club again. Also, you vow to never let a drop of alcohol pass your mouth. Only coke and vegetables from now on. You are a pure, innocent revrend father.

Your hangover has made you ravenous. That, or you hope the copious amounts of food will distract you from the crippling nausea.

You eat more than you thought was physically possible and fall asleep almost immediately.

Aw man, you slept so long that your stream kept running and you’ve completely missed several different plot twists. Not to mention the low key spoilers you have to cop before shutting off your laptop. Also, what time is it? How is it dark outside?


Boom its monday this one of those times u start wishing u never went for that night out.

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My 4th 100% upvote as promised... Nice blog, by the way. Nice shots, too. Have a nice day @delis.