#Ulog; My second day: work work work

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Hey @ulog_gers, hope you guys had a wonderful day?
I was waiting for the best way to tell you guys how my day went.
Anyways today i resumed work after taking the whole of last week off.
I work as a siwes at Nigeria LNG, under the IMT department.
waking up to the blaring sound of my alarm at 5am was the most petrifying thing that started my day.
I had to wake up that early to meet up with the 6.15am bus.

Anyways after all the rush, i missed the bus because i forgot my gate pass in one of the trousers i traveled with
so i had to pay for a public transport, which took like an 15mins before getting to my place,
finally got to the office by 8:20am, that is an hour late.
I did get a little quarry from my Boss, but after explaining he let it slide... cos he knows have always been punctual(lol).

Few minute later i was asked to give report of the previous day, which i did,
it was during this report i noticed a switch was down, we had to go check it out.
getting there the team found out the switch was "fried", it had been struck by lightening.
so we had to change the switch, the paper work in getting a new switch took half the day,
the switch finally came after lunch, we had to do a configuration on the new switch
then replace the old one.

due to the stress the stress of the day i couldn't take photos of all the activity but i managed to take this quick one.

it was really a stressful day but in a way it was very engaging , my mind was busy all through.
well that is some part of my day @ulogs what do you think. let me go read other peoples day while you upvote mine see tomorrow. goodnight guys.

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