#ulog:Day1: My day at the pool. What a day

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Ok here i was "jejely" listening to my songs when this girl(@kristenantai01) came with her story asking if i have heard of @ulog on steemit. Me always taking things less serious didnt pay attention to her at first not until she told me that i could be a star if i just write a post about how my day went...
Ladies and gentlemen that is when it dawn on me to lower the volume of the music i was listening to and pay attention to the details she was freely dishing out.
So i have prepared to give you guys the full gist about my day yesterday though its one of those lengthy stories that will eventually end up in i had a good day.

Anyways down to business.
Yesterday was quite a day "sha" i had this activity i wanted to do all day(i will tell you what the activity is towards the end, that's if am led to tell you. Lol).
Ok i got off bed took breakfast decided to face the business of the day which was giving 100 percent attention to my phone, since school have decided to place me on internship and making me jobless. In the event of going through all my social media that was when Ricky told me he'd like to go for a swim, me being an Olymic medalist in my mind, did not hesitate to tell him that i was in for the swim, so being a socialist i decided to expand the fun by calling kristen and promise, those two "hmmmm" will do anything for water. Especially that kristen of a girl.
So after assembling all the squad for the pool i didn't know this other "Fish" Felicia heard me talking about going to the pool, with out invite her, she had already invited herself now i have to listen to her boring stories anyways its all good.
So the sun was at its peek perfect mood for swimming. All the gang were ready to hit the water so all our "gears" were ready and voom we on the road. The car was quiet at first, not until half way through the journey when Felicia started one of her fake stories, Eric not wanting to make her feel bad decided to give her attention, i could see the tiredness in his face as if to say stop talking. By this time i was already feeling sleepy at the back of the car.
Long story short we got to the pool.
I was surprised to see that felicia had invited the whole of our course mates in the university telling them we were having a reunion. Somebody help me ask this girl who sent her, now Ricky is seeing me as a wide mouth. Now how do i tell him i was not the one that invited them. How will he tell me stuffs again. Anyways it was fun hanging out with my school mate.

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Great post delis
But you should also use surpassinggoogle as one of your tags.
Nice writeup though.Love ulog

Great post ! Really hanging out with school mate give a lot of fun.

u spend a great day ....