i ♥ Ulog #5 - Kidzoona

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Hello Steemit Fretz!

Meet Arianna Rae, one of the twins. This photo was taken like a year ago during Christmas time. My mom won a cash 10,000 pesos cash prize from work and she promised that if she did win, she'll treat us out to some food and give my nephew and nieces toys and play time



This is just one part of the playground.

Kidzoona is like a small playground with tons of toys where kids can play. Even guardians can do that too. This is one of the reasons why I wasn't able to take some pics because I was too busy playing myself lol.

Athena struggling to stand up!

They also have this giant roller ball that the kids love. They get to roll over and then walk around inside the circle. I so love looking at them. Video is not mine, just want to show you how it looks like.

Arianna trying to get on her feet, with my nephew Steven on the background

Woops! Slipped a little.

Athena joining in the fun. I wonder what she's looking at. Then Arianna just feels like biting Stephen's nose!

This pic is one of my favorites! I love how Stephen smiled loads in this pic and the twins just being their usual self.

...Sending some positive vibes

At times, we are so engrossed of the things that are ahead of us that we forget that we overlooked and not see the things that give us genuine happiness.

NO matter what you're going through or just having a hectic week, don't forget to show and give some love to the people that matters the most.

My nephew and nieces are my happy pill. Who is YOUR HAPPY PILL?


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@dawnsheree, It's reflecting as children really enjoyed this session and in my opinion smiles of children can fill the environment with blessings and happiness. Stay blessed. 🙂

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Thanks @chireerocks! I did have a great time with them! They just produce such genuine joy and happiness!

Welcome and great to hear that. Have a great time ahead. 🙂

Did not know you had TWINS!!!

BOOM! 💣💥


Undie! Boom! Yes, they are just so adorable! Nice to see yah!

Look at those kids play and having the time of their lives! Such adorable children <3

They are! They are quite feisty too! :)

Looks like so much fun! It really is such a joy to see children playing and exploring the world, and even more so when you can join in! I just spent time with my little niece yesterday afternoon for my weekly boost of joy. I reserve time each Friday just for her. She'll be three in a week and I've only missed a handful of Fridays in that time, so it is a dear tradition to me. I don't know what I'll do with myself once she starts school!