ULOG 1# examples of today's increasingly difficult life

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I took the wisdom of this photo. this photo I accidentally took when I visited a friend's house. a little boy who wants to smoke .. but you can not imagine. if the cigarettes were not his food or should not be consumed with him.

like that is now in our lives. many people who eat are not his right. like to eat the rights of others. not think about the conditions and situations. very harsh in life and

this picture illustration. I am not good at stringing my words still just telling what I see now. everyone wants to win alone even though he has lost 5-0.hahahaha. that is human. doing the unreasonable.


This is a new production @surpassingoogle that allows us to be human in us. "U" in "ULOG" represents "YOU". YOU are a celebrity. This is YOUR story. You can share anything about you. bring out the real man inside you. :)

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what the hell. does the kid actually smoke???? thats screwed up. thats child abuse you should not let kids put cigs in their mouth like that