Dear Diary: I Am Fortunate With Steemit Community

in #ulog4 years ago (edited)


I am just counting my blessings from steemit because I am grateful that I get to buy my parathyroid medicine and without it I can't imagine the misery I will get from my joints considering that they still at some point aches and give me discomfort despite that I was taking fervently and religiously my expensive parathyroid drug.

Now I am just hoping for things to inch back to normality but right now I am just surprised that I was able to close my mouth because the gums below my tongue changed and it enabled me to drink my fluids again while sitting down unlike before where I do have to raise my head up for me to take fluids down.

I think that I am one of the few fortunate sick individuals who was able to be a part of steemit and got the privilege to have the support from many kind-hearted steemians which I am greatly indebted and I just pray that may God continue to bless these souls that helped me from the start and I know that God will do repay you all.


God bless you too buddy...I believe in no time you will get better.

Absolutely steemit is perfect for you @cryptopie

Steemit will help you more @cryptopie BECAUSE this is a platform of good peoples

My dear friend, what a joy to be able to hear from you again, apparently the failures of the Internet have been solved in my community have been solved, really Steemit has been a great blessing because very apart from the economic help that gives us gives us the opportunity to meet wonderful people like you. In particular I like to see the positive progress you have made since I met you here, I hope you continue to progress favorably, I will continue to read you while the internet allows me, because this is the end of the presidential elections in Venezuela and in time of elections the internet It fails a lot. I send you a big hug.

Hello, God always blesses us, you have a very special life to show us all the value of life, many of us have tiny worries and live stressed, God bless you and give you a lot of life and health, to continue and motivate others.

I am very happy to know that despite the adversities you can buy all your medications. God bless you

Being grateful to your neighbor you have already earned the glory of God and he rewards you by giving you a bit of tranquility and that you can acquire your supplies to mitigate your discomforts, I am happy when I read your post and I feel optimistic, that is the attitude. Greetings friend, cryptopie

I wish, Steemit will always with you. On the other side, all Steemit friends are praying for you.

Hola hijo.
Así es. Suerte y siempre te apoyaré.
Cuídate mucho y hasta luego.

I am praying to god for you my friend @cryptopie

Thank you my friend, we are here to help.

We wish that the Creator help you a lot more.I pray that you get full recovery.

Hey @cryptopie, I have been away for over 3 weeks now, and i am happy that you're doing great. Thank God. God bless you

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