❤️ It's been a happy day...I just purchased my Quell & some CBD Oil..!!!❤️

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The last few days have been surreal. After sleeping on it...I decided to go right ahead with buying the two therapies that I desperately need right away. After all...the funds were sent my way to help with my immediate distress!

Yesterday...I was all worried about making the most out of exchanging over $500 SBD on the current market. However today...the voice of reason spoke to me and told me that I am just plain overthinking it. The sooner the therapies start the better! With higher valued sbd...it would have been wonderful to reach my full goal in one day...but planning too far ahead when the quality of my life hangs in the balance suddenly seemed silly...and yet rather typical of me.

I still couldn't help being sensible in other ways...and looked around all morning for the best prices and shipping rates. I discovered the Quell device has not been available in Canada for very long...and the only registered reseller is Amazon. They are charging upwards of $600 CAD where anywhere else...including the official site...only charges $249 USD. Even with the currency conversion the cost shouldn't be more than $350. I have no idea why Amazon is charging almost double. Because I never came this close to actually buying the Quell before...I did not realize there really aren't a lot of options for Canadians to buy this technology.

Since Ebay can be hit or miss when it comes to buying...I really wanted some kind of guarantee. I was starting to feel discouraged when something amazing happened! I found one of those overstock resale companies selling a brand new Quell including the price of tax...shipping and customs for the same price that it costs for just the device in USD. Since I paid in CAD...I technically got the whole starter kit for less than the American price. I jumped on the last one because they are a reputable business that accepts returns...and Ebay itself also has a money back guarantee. Of course...I don't want to anticipate any problems...but it does not hurt to have some assurances. I would have to be an original buyer from an authorized retailer in order to get the two year warranty. Thanks for nothing Amazon...

I have been reading reviews and watching videos on the benefits and science behind this device for ages...and just want it to last for a good long while. I managed to save around $100 off my original estimate...despite the fact that I couldn't buy it through 'normal' channels.

As for the CBD oil...something else unusually awesome happened. The original company that I had planned on buying from suddenly wanted way too much to ship the stuff...and the tax was somehow more outrageous than usual. I calculated that buying bottles month to month would cost over $150 in just shipping and taxes alone. That is the exact cost of one whole bottle! I didn't feel comfortable paying that much in fees. After comparing prices elsewhere...I managed to find another Canadian company with a sale on high quality 500MG bottles. The shipping and taxes were also more normally priced! Each bottle is currently on sale for $40...with the original price at $70. I had briefly given up on planning three months ahead...and somehow this still happened on it's own! After being assured of freshness and shelf life...buying three bottles at once netted $90 in savings...and one flat shipping rate.

I ended up sacrificing the one 1000MG bottle... so that I could have three bottles delivered quite inexpensively...versus one bottle very expensively. Since I have never tried CBD oil before...starting out with a lower dose isn't the worse idea in the world. It's an established brand...there are lots of people in the comments that say it's very strong...and it works for fibromyalgia...and anxiety...and even the worst chronic pain. I don't know how it will work for me...but it certainly does not sound like a bad starter oil. I will be able to take 16MG per day for three months in a row...and adjust the dosage from there when I stock up again.

You might be wondering why having enough medicine to last many months is so important to me. In the past when some new treatment idea came along...I would scrimp and save...beg or borrow just to try it...usually for a month or less. I would often run out before knowing if it actually made a difference.

The financial barrier to keep supplements and treatments going long term...has always caused me to lose hope when some benefit was felt then lost. I am more familiar with sinking back into severe pain. I sometimes wonder what might have really helped....had some past therapies been given more of a chance to work their magic. Since only 300 SBD was taken from fundraiser funds today...I still have 200 SBD remaining for replacement electrodes...and some kind of supplement to ease my stomach pain. The community here has already given me so much...but should the other half of my fundraiser result in enough to see a naturopathic doctor...I might finally be diagnosed with the reason why I can no longer eat solid food. Regardless...I am still blissfully happy to have enough to get started with reclaiming my health much sooner than expected.


Today...I threw caution to the wind...just a tiny bit...and ended up with some really good deals. I will take pictures...and write another post when my Quell and CBD Oil arrive. Between the online shopping and writing this post I am thoroughly exhausted. I almost didn't get this post out today...but felt it necessary to keep everyone updated.











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I am so happy that everything has worked out so well. Also, I wish to commend you on giving us all an update. All the best! It is good to know that doing good many times can bring comfort to not only the receiver but, the giver as well!

I am so happy for you!! Was truly meant to be!! Looking forward to updates for sure!! xoxo

Woah, I'm glad everyone was able to band together to help you out—it's always good to plan ahead. Quell looks like a great product, definitely want to know how that works out as well. I also like CBD oil, it's a very soothing choice.

Keep your head up, you got this! 💕

Right on!!! I'm so happy for you! Talk about synchronicity that it all worked out so perfectly!

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