ULOG: 24 "Head of Bank Branch in Kediri Stabbed by Employees"

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The police continued to investigate the stabbing of the stabbing case of Jonny Suwono (43), a head of a branch of a securities bank in Kediri City. The police conducted an intensive examination of witnesses or a number of people who were aware of the incident.

Surabaya City residents were allegedly stabbed by a woman, RR, who was none other than his own men while waiting for customers in Sambirejo Village, Pare District, Kediri Regency, Tuesday (09/25/2018) around 11.00 WIB.

This statement was expressed by Jonny to his colleague, Samsi (42) who later reported to the police. However, related to the correctness of this admission, the police claimed that they were still conducting deepening, especially related to information from RR, the woman who was suspected of being the perpetrator of the stabbing.

Unlike Jonny's confession, RR actually claimed to be the victim of Jonny's murder attempt.

Kasatreskrim Kediri District Police AKP Hanif Fatih confirmed this. "RR is indeed being followed by our statement, because it was precisely he admitted that he would be killed with a knife, but the knife had been captured and replied to piercing Jonny's neck," Hanif said when confirmed by the reporter on Tuesday (09/25/2018).

So far the police have only secured a number of evidence related to this case, including knives, hammers and cars used by perpetrators and victims. But the police claimed that they had not been able to provide more information regarding this case.

"Please when we are still waiting for the results of the examination of the information on the victim who was stabbed. Still being intensively treated because of a neck wound with 15 stitches, we will match it," concluded Hanif.

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