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My Today:

  • Ripping Up Kitchen Tiles
  • Build-Battling For Steem$$$
  • Fundraising for $teem Allposts
  • Accepting That My apps are gonna die :(
  • Minnowbooster ate my VP

Ripping Up Kitchen Tiles

Today, I started my day off the right way, by tearing up kitchen floor tiles that are about to be replaced, because they look terrible and worn out, not really much to say about it.

Build-Battling For Steem$$$

I went on SkyRoad to play in their Sunday Build battle to earn points which can be turned into steem, and had a good time. I would recommend you coming on and joining my town Fluffy (Not named by me hahaha), in the survival world, just join the server in minecraft Java 1.12.2 and connect to join.skyroad.me then type /sv to enter survival, and then join our town using /town join Fluffy and come see us using /town spawn :)

Fundraising for Steemit Allposts

Trying to keep my app afloat with the new version, as hosting is coming to an end, and I want to keep it going but it currently isn't used enough to justify running it, feel free to check out the post here about all the new features and fundraising.

Accepting that my apps are gonna die

Make the most of Benefactors and All Posts before they close at the start of November.

MinnowBooster ate my VP

Although instructed to only vote at VP > 87%, it has depleted me down to 56%! Yay!
Edit: It was daniel saori's undelegation from me which dropped my VP, my bad!

All the best,
~ @cadawg

All liquid rewards from this post will go towards hosting costs, to hopefully keep my apps up