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I have met alot of people in my live and on steemit but no one quite like @surpassinggoogle. An exemplary and visionary mentor a great leader who has dedicated his time and service to the development of this great platform.

Since the introduction of ULOG, i have always want to let him know how much i appreciate this great work. I know how much time and effort he invented not only to get the ULOG project done but to ensure we were satisfied with Ulog. I really want to say thank you

He have been such a great example for more than He can imagine. Throughout time on steemit, i have found him to be prestigious on so many level.

Thanks for being a good mentor, i will always be thankful to you not only have u been a fantastic mentor to me, but you have taught me how to mentor other people. Thanks for being such a great role model.


I know i am not the only one that feels this way and appreciate his engagement on the platform, there are many steemite that have been positively impacted by @surpassinggoogle so lets all celebrate @surpassinggoogle for all his good works, words may not give him the honor he deserves but i am writing this from my heart and i hope it honors him
We all love you @surpassinggoogle and we are happy to have such a great Hero, Mentor, Leader and Friend like you.

So please if you love him feel free to comment and appreciate Him....

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He is a coach in sports and in life as well. It's great that you are showing your appreciation through this. He truly appreciates every single one us. That is how big his heart is. He teaches us how to be like him as well by encouraging us to share our talents and also to believe in what we can do.

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