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so this happened in Lagos Nigeria, someone put up the first picture of this boy sleeping out late in the night and beside him lay a tray of banana.

William Uchemba saw the post and re-posted requesting for the boy to be located immediately. He was bothered, a boy that age on the streets at that time shouldn't be so.
Good thing he was found and Williams (a young Nigerian based in the U. S.) Put in a video call to him via the contact with him.

He is 10years old and lives with his aunt who took him from his parents to put him in school in Lagos. oh well, we all know how that worked out🙄. He was taken home and the aunty said he could be taken away. The boy asked to be taken back to his parents and put back in school. Williams arranged for the boy to be flown back to Akwa Ibom state Nigeria and his family located. He has promised to help his family and also sponsor the 10 year old boy to University level. We can see The boy onboard a flight to Akwa Ibom this morning.

Williams has never met this boy, and may never meet him. He is Igbo and the little boy is from Akwa Ibom state. This is what impresses me and gives me hope in humanity. If we can all emulate this, stretch your hand to the next person in need.

I hope stories that unites and uplifts us as a people trends more.
God bless you Williams Uchemba
God bless the 10 year old boy
God bless Nigeria >>

#ulogs #ulogers #wafrica

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