#ulography: #14 - Tree Tuesday - May 21

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My first tree photo is a sculpture named Placebo and is located in Forrest Park, St Louis, MO on the west lawn of the St Louis Art Museum.

This shiny metal tree stands in sharp contrast to the organic living trees it is surrounded by.

It is over 56 feet tall and the branches alone weigh over 5,000 lbs. It is made from stainless steel pipes and rods, 24 different sizes!

The sculptor is Roxy Paine and the piece was commissioned by the Art Museum.


This tree is in the park where I do a lot of walking. It has always seemed a little scary to me, almost like the branches are reaching out and waiting to grab an unsuspecting victim. I think the dark upper branches contribute to that illusion.


For my final tree, I give you some pretty blooms to enjoy. I love the perfect way this tree is shaped and the beautiful flowers.

Thank you @old-guy-photos for making this a weekly challenge. Not only do I enjoy looking around for things to photograph, I enjoy seeing everyone else's photos as well.


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Super cool pictures and the sculpture is an awesome idea. Like you have said: it stands in high contrast with the living trees around it!
These blooms omg so pretty :) I love spring for that views!!


@tibfox Yes that artist went to a lot of work making that look like a real tree out of stainless steel. And the flowers of spring are my favorite and so precious because they don't last that long.