ULOG: 13 "Called Illegal, Honorary Teachers in Garut Break Down to Teach"

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Thousands of honorary teachers in Garut regency strike teaching. The strike was a form of protest regarding the statement of Acting Head of the Education Office (Disdik) Garut Djatjat Sudrajat who called honorary teachers as illegal teachers.

"We voice our hearts. Because we are considered illegal by our father, the Head of the Office of the Governor of Garut," said one honorary teacher, Syarifah (33), to reporters at the office of the Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI) Banyuresmi, Jalan Raya Bayuresmi, Garut Regency , West Java, Saturday (09/15/2018).

Mass strikes take place today. Honorary teachers stopped teaching and gathered at the PGRI office located in their respective sub-districts.

According to Syarifah, she and other honorary teachers felt harassed for the statement. They demanded that Djatjat be removed from his position.

"I demanded that if I keep quiet it means that I accept it as illegal. Even though I have been teaching without stopping from 2005," he said.

The statement which was considered controversial began when Djatjat attended an opinion meeting with the Commission A of the Garut DPRD in the Garut DPRD office on Wednesday (12/9). Djatjat is considered to have abused honorary teachers after calling honorary teachers illegal teachers.

"Today all honorary teachers in Garut did a teaching strike, triggered by a Kadisdik statement about honorary teachers being illegal," said the Chairman of the Banyuresmi PGRI Mamun Gunawan to reporters in the same place.

Honorary teachers will continue the strike teaching on Monday (09/17/2018). Thousands of honorary teachers in Garut, continued Mamun, will gather and hold demonstrations at the Garut Disdik office.

"There are about 12 thousands of honorary teachers in Garut. Monday will simultaneously gather in Garut. This is very frustrating and hurt by fellow teachers. The contents are not wise," said Mamun.

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