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At osun state today me with my Muslim brother ,we are here for salah celebration.

salah is the second pillar of islam after shahadah (religion). muslims are required to pray 5 times an afternoon. being a muslim it is compulsory on us to provide salah five times every day. the prayers unfold at some stage in the day at dawn, around noon, afternoon, sunset and within the night. salah needs to be provided at the unique times noted above.

salah establish an instantaneous relation of the believer to the writer almighty allah. while muslim prays irrespective of alone or inside the congregation, they're standing in the front of allah almighty without any discrimination. when muslims pray within the congregation they all stand together and at that time all are identical irrespective of how rich or poor is the one.
muslims start their day with the aid of cleaning themselves after which standing earlier than their lord allah almighty in prayer. the prayers or salah consists of recitations from the quran in arabic and a series of actions like standing, bowing, prostrating, and sitting. all recitations and moves explicit submission, humility, and loyalty to allah almighty.

the salah play a position of reminder throughout the day to assist hold believers aware of allah almighty within the day by day stress of work, family, and distractions of life. prayer also strengthens religion, dependence on allah, and puts daily existence inside the perspective of life to come after demise and the closing judgment in an effort to no longer be going to stop ever.

Happy celebration To all the Muslim brother's and sister's .IMG_20180820_174630.jpg


Thank you so much.