ULOG #11: Sibling Love

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Ever doubted whether you're raising your kids fairly well? I did. Million times.

Today, the most random thing assured me I am.

My 8 year old has his own Facebook account. One I did when he was a baby (as a dummy account for one of the games I used to play, actually). Now, he uses it to chat with cousins and aunties and uncles here and abroad. I supposed you're all worried as he is too young to have such. Do not. It's well monitored.

He got added into a group chat of kids (kids I know, but won't tell how they're related). One of the kids asked not to add her brother. My 8 year old asked why. And, I read the meanest thing a kid could ever say to describe a sibling. I know these two kids and I heard how they hate each other to their guts. But, when I went to think about it, I was never like that to any of my siblings. And, God, am I so thankful my kids aren't either.

Everyday, I remind my kids how they will only have each other when the time comes. You know what I mean... How they should always have each other's backs. How the little girl should take care of her brother. And, how the brother should protect her little sister. I hear them fight over petty things from time to time but, never to the point where they would hate each other and not talk for a while. Actually, they can't live without each other.

When I read that conversation, I talked to them and asked them how they feel about each other. Little girl said, "Best friend ko si kuya saka ikaw saka si Daddy." (He's my best friend, and you and Daddy). The boy said, "She's my sister. I love her kahit makulit." (I love her even when she's a little bratty.)


I am one nagging mommy. I nag about them playing too much, not studying too much, not saying po or opo, etc., And people around criticize me for spanking them at times. No, I'm not parent shaming that kid's parents nor am I saying I'm a good one. But, I'm ok with the thought that I think I was able to raise them to not hatr each other.

I hope they stay that way together.


@beatenegg, In my opinion the relationships of siblings also hold the Roller-coaster Journey but for sure it holds the strong bonding and this relationship knows when they have to play their responsibility role.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

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