Buwan ng Wika 2018 (My Chance at being a DIY mom)

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For a couple of weeks, I have been overhearing my son and his classmates talk about their August activity whenever I pick him up from school. My son has always been the shyest. He has almost never wanted to join anything in school that has to do with dancing or singing, although I'm his mom and I know he can sing. I did not worry about what he would need for the activity they have since I thought, he wouldn't want to be part of it anyway.


Boy, was I wrong!

Last Friday, his class adviser approached to tell me that my son volunteered to play the lead role in their sing and dance act. I thought maybe she had me mistaken for another mom, because it didn't sound like my son. But, she mentioned my son's name so, it was definitely me. She asked if that was okay and of course, I was the most excited parent! I asked her what was needed and what to prepare. It wasn't much except if he can have a props to use as he was to be Mamang Sorbetero (Ice Cream Guy).

I immediately had something in mind. I'm not the most artistic but I have ideas. It was Friday when I was told about it and the presentation was Thursday of the following week, so I had 6 days. Excited mom I was, I went ahead and collected the materials I needed.

A few used cartons, glue, poster paints, scissors, etc.,

Some pins and hot glue and my ice cream cart costume stood on its own.

It was all my son's idea for what to put as design. We wanted to make it look local as it is to be used for their Buwan ng Wika presentation. Buwan ng Wika is an annual presentation in line with Proclamation 1041 which declares the celebration of Philippine Language every August. This event is to encourage Filipino people to give importance to national language through activities done during the celebration.


I had to look for string I can use so he can hang the cart on his shoulders. The local hardware shop had a few in stock.

And this! I can't stress enough just how proud I am of my boy. He used to be a wallflower, never wanting to take the lead, allergic to crowd. But, he just did Bahay Kubo and Mamang Sorbetero in front of Lower Grade School students. I am the proudest mom! I'm sure John would have enjoyed it too!

Of course this post wouldn't be complete without my daughter's participation. Their grade level had their own presentation. She danced along with her classmates to the tune of Saranggola ni Pepe (Pepe's kite). No tantrums at all!

Today was tiring but fun. Especially for a mom like me who devotes all the time they can to be there every step of the way for the kids. They won't be kids forever so until I can, I'll be there...

Thanks for reading!