#Ulog 2nd Entry : A Morning Walk With My Grandma

in #ulog6 years ago

Hello everyone!

This post is now my second entry for #Ulog that is initiated by @surpassinggoogle

For this morning's post, I will be sharing about my morning walks with my grandma Carmen. We call her 'Nanay' and she is already 81 years old, and she's very strong for her age. She is also a very humorous and beautiful; We all love her very much.

We have a small park in our town that is near, and my nanay Carmen loves taking walks there every morning or afternoon. She used to go there a lot when she was younger but now, she needs an accompaniment to help her walk. And me and my brother is always there to walk with her!


We go to the park every weekend if there is school and every other day if there is no school on the weekdays.


I love walking with her and she even shares some of her experiences when she was younger. She would tell me about her adventures and hardships, and I will always find it interesting to listen to her.


This is her taking walks on her own without my help! Isn't she very strong?


We all love her dearly and will always be willing to take walks with her -- whether mornings or afternoons.


Good Morning from bearkid! Now go ahead and take those morning walks too with your love ones! Have a great day/night as always.

Thank you once again for reading my blog! :)

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