Ulog# Share with the less fortunate

in ulog •  7 months ago

This day is a sharing day with people in need, because sharing is a commendable act. I am very happy to share fengan people who need, because the proverbial parents say, in our right there is the right of others, so brimming my heart to share. I feel happiness when I see poor people happy, because they are in dire need.

imageThis is what I will share for people in need
imageThis is the package I'm about to share
imageThis is my first targeted grandmother, and she is very happy.
imageThis is my second target, very happy to look on his face
imageThis one was very surprised when I came, and this mother also thanked me

And this is a lesson for me personally, and many people who need our helping hand are more capable. Thank you for seeing my post. If there is a shortage I apologize, because I am in learning to be perfect.

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Great work! Thank you for sharing it with us! :)


thanks a lot, already want to read it.