What's Your Own View On Success?

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Success, We all want to be a success, We all wake up every day, pray and work hard because we want to be a success.
We even read many ‘ secrets to success’ books in the hope that its what will make us a success.
I sit myself down before the new year, then asked myself what my new year resolution will be, I first settled on having a particular amount of money in my bank account, Then again, I knew that won’t make me a success

However, after many deliberations, I knew within myself that, ‘ success is anything that makes me happy ‘
I have many goals in life, that I thought can make me a success, Well, everyone has a different definition of success.
I look at the most successful people in the worlds and I noticed one common factor about them, They are solving people problem.
Some of them are solving the world problem of communication, connections, production of amenities, information and most of them are an employer of labor.
Now, I have one bugging question to ask myself, How do I solve the world problem?

I come up with lots of things in my head, like producing a product, But then again, Many new products come up every day.
So, how do I stand out and solve world problems?. Then I come up with something powerful, Information.
Yes, I can give information to the public and help to solve a problem.
That particular day, I decided on blogging, blogging will help me to reach the people with information and also helps me to be a success.
I will blog on relevant topics that will enhance peoples lifestyle.
I started my blog that week (health warm).
I knew there are some key points that will really help me to be a success with blogging, So, I wrote this short note and stick it to my wardrobe, so that I get to see it every day.
“Ayo- Adeshewa, Your attitude towards life matters most, Your determination follows. Think positively, Don’t blame anyone for failure.
Take each day as it comes, No matter what you decided to do, try to be happy.
There’s No ‘secret to success' anywhere, except you create it yourself.
Create your own future today, and be a SUCCESS.

So, What's your own view of success?

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Nice write up. Every one of us has their own definition of success and all depends on the way we view life.

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That's right sir.
Different strokes for different folks.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

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