ULOG#48 : Being Nice To Newcomer

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I started my day early, I woke at 3:30 AM, my mom and dad are going to Manila, so we drove them to the port to catch the earliest ship,

We got back home 5AM, and never got back to sleep anymore since I have to prepare breakfast for my nephew, my husband and my son, So I cooked rice and fried some eggs, hotdogs and nuggets. My nephew @mini-zephalexia left at 6AM, then my husband got to work at 7:30AM, Me and my son left around 9AM.

While waiting for our ride, A mom and a tenager son, was asking some tricycle driver, where is the nearest bank, i think they are new in the area, I heard the drivers are talking to them and telling them that it is kinda far from where we are, and they have to pay, P70 ($1.50), to get there, So I was kind of annoyed to the drivers because they are taking advantage of the situation, since I am native here, I now that they can just wait for a jeepney and it will drop them exactly in front of the bank for only P20 (¢40), So I tried to get the son's attention, I told him that to get to the nearest ATM, they just have to ride a. Jeepney for P20 only.

images (1).jpeg

So they got out of the tricycle and wait for the jeepney, I don't know how the drivers are feeling about me telling the mom amd son the easiest and cheapest way, I really don't like taking advantage of the situation of the mother and Son, I don't know If what I did was good, and I know those drivers are just making a living, but for me, if you want to make a living, it should not be at the expense of the others, they can offer their ride but also they can give them option by telling them. About the jeepney ride and let those two decide, I made those drivers irritated but I feel good that I put a smile on those two new in our town, especially the mom.

Here on steemit I've been encountering different kind of people, but what I love about being a steemian is being a certified Ulogger, and a member #Gratefulvibes and for all the good people who are very supportive, to the #steemitpowerupph, for mentoring us in cryptoworld

Miss Abi @abigail-dantes since day 1,
sir Terry @surpassinggoogle for undying support
Sir @good-karma and @esteemapp community for the support
Sir @arcange for being a great platform police
Captain @schamangerbert for great advices
Papa-Bear @paradise-found, for a very warm community
Sir @roundbeargames for supporting us everytime
Ms. @surfermarly for being an inspiration
Sir @eurogee for the motivation
Sis @sunnylife for being a good Motivator
Sis @bloghound for appreciating every post I had
Ms. @joalvarez for being a great steemitfriend and an inspiration
Sir @leeart for inspiring me to do good on my post
Ms. @ankarlie, Ms. @indaymers for being nice
Sir @fherdz ms. @mavic2015 @shirleynpenalosa for being nice and great steemitfriend
And of course Sis @sugarrainbow for giving me and my sister the great opportunity,
And most especially to my very dear sister @zephalexia for being the most patient and the best teacher of mine,

Thank you for inspiring me and being nice to me especially on my Newbie's days.

Have a great Wednesday Everyone,

Thank You For Dropping By!!!

Steeming to the Moon,

Always look at the brighter side ❤️❤️


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i love you always ❤️

I upvoted your post.

Keep steeming for a better tomorrow.
@Acknowledgement - God Bless

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Hello my friend, I love your story and good for you. I hate to see people being taken advantage of. I do fancy those little vehicles. They are very nicely decorated. How is your son doing?

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I totally agree with you and I think you did exactly the right thing.

Like you said, the drivers also have a family to take care off, but not by greed and cheating and taking away from others.
I have never had respect for actions like this and I would also stand up against it and I have seen plenty of actions like this in my life and I could never understand how people can be so mean and so greedy.

Thank you for sharing the love and doing what is right.
Have a lovely day @avhyaceulip

support goes both ways! 😄
we just gotta keep supporting each other and grow! 👍

This is a lovely post @avhyaceulip :) What an early start, right?

Opportunistic people definitely seem to be spread around the world. It was really nice of you to intervene on the behalf of the newcomers. Let's hope that your action served as a lesson to the drivers; who, hopefully, will think twice before trying to take advantage of someone else. In case there is someone as kind-hearted as yourself close by! :D

I hope your parents arrived safely in Manila!

All the best to you always :*


So relieved that what I did is right.... I really hate when someone is taking advantage of someone... I really do hope that they've learned their lesson.... My parents arrived safely miss Abi.. Thank you so much... 😘😘😘