#ULOG - DAY 24 - Aniversary

in #ulog4 years ago (edited)

It was our 8th of the anniversary of my wife yesterday. Since we are tight in the budget, we prefer to just skip the dinner date and requested my wife to cook for kare-kare. Kare Kare is a traditional Filipino stew complimented with a thick savory peanut sauce. At first she was in doubt to cook because she doesn't know how to cook kare-kare but eventually gave in. She looked for a kare-kare mix and googled the procedure and ingredients. We spent 30 DHS for the dish and it was so worth it. I am going to treat her to dinner when my salary comes. Hehe!
Cooking kare-kare using kare-kare mix is very easy. Just boil the beef until soften. She used pressure cooker the save time. Once the the beef was soft, she poured the kare-kare mix. 2 packs of it, then bring to boil again. Once boil, she put slices eggplants and string beans, then boil for 3 minutes then​ follow by pechay.

To my wife who made me a better man, thank you and I love you. Happy 8th Anniversary to us.

Papa Ross @ardapyan

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