#ULOG DAY 18, Massage session

in #ulog4 years ago

My wife's hands hurt. She barely can open the bottled water or when she exert force for something especially using her fingers. In the Philippines, we have what we call "pasmado", a condition of trembling and pain in the hands and/or feet . The practice most of the Filipinos is to rest for a few minutes after a rigid work before taking a bath. When after you iron clothes, let your hand rest before washing your hands. I don't know if it's true but we are following it. For my wife, when cooking she also do the dishes, wash our son's feeding bottle then back to cooking again and washing again. For the past few days, she experiences this pain, especially in her joints. So last night, I put a liniment to her hands and gently massaged it. I hope the pain will subside or else​, we might be going to pay a visit to a doctor to check her.

Papa Ross @ardapyan

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