Ulog - Can Redeeming Be Faster?

in ulog •  last month 

Many of us here are members of Palnet, Marlians, Sportstalk, Steemzzang, and more. It is a good sign that Steemit is still flourishing. You can get paid with tokens through Steem-Engine. Thanks to Steem Engine because it has been a blessing.

When the day comes for your posts to get payout, there is this problem. Redeeming the payouts is very difficult. There are times when you have to do the same process of redeeming a number of times in order for the earnings will go to the wallet.

This morning, I had this problem by which it took mer more than an hour because the payouts are difficult to redeem. Claiming on Steem Engine won't even work. Is there away to redeem faster?

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