Ulog #9: Let's Talk About Everything Bad About Her

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She is a people-pleaser. She has tendencies to think too much of what people might think about her. She's afraid of disappointing the people around her. She has made decisions in the past that wasn't her own but what she thought will please the people around her.

She can be jealous and insecure, especially with other's achievements. She feels bad that she even feels it towards the people she consider as friends. She fails to appreciate her little victories because she undervalues them through other's success.

She is easily discouraged and falls into depression when she commits a mistake or when she fails to do something she later realize should have been done. She blames herself in her own misfortunes.

She is a slave of her own female hormones. She can be impulsive and impatient. She can maken decisions out of her pure emotions and regret them later.

She can be stubborn and full of pride. She doesn't welcome ideas easily. She filters them through her own judgement and bias.

She is a control freak. She goes crazy when she sees things slipping out of her palms.

She is scared of a lot of things. She's scared of failure and commiting mistskes. She is scared of hurting other people. She is scared of being judged wrongly by others.

She doesn't like surprises. She does not possess the beauty of a carefree and spontaneous woman. Her heart is not adventurous and is always doubtful.

Despite all these, she knows her flaws and has been working non-stop to be better. She has so much love in her heart to give. She knows this very well because her ability to get hurt, forgive and love again has been tested by time. She has always lived with her child-like wonder. Lastly, she understands that life is short and the fact that this can end anytime is what makes it beautiful.


Darn those female hormones!! =p cuz, u know.. male hormones are so glorious and only lead to awesome things, right?? it does kinda make HER sound extremely cool and adorable. So, i guess u kinda failed to make ur point.. j/k. its pretty awesome that u can see and know so much inner stuff. :)

She is absolutely amazing then!

All these make her all the more beautiful

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