Ulog #7: This is it! I'm finally one step closer to my modelling career!

in #ulog4 years ago (edited)

I uploaded in my Ulog #6 my attempts for instagramish-blogger-influencer photos, as insisted by my friend,Chad. Had some few awkward shots, about 50 of them, where only 4 made it to instagram. Of course, it got many likes from my fans- my beloved aunties, cousins and friends.



Now I have to go through some compulsory photoshoots again for the upcoming pole recital. I had to spend time with my family for lunch for Mother's day so I only did my make up fof 20 minutes and stayed for 15 more minutes and left. I kinda annoyed the photographer because we had to redo a single pose for several times because I am most of the time looking awkward.

That's all about my day so far. Of course, I'm joking about the modelling dream.

Happy mother's day to awesome moms!

Photos below are -non official photos taken by my phone.





The look on your face is always something like:

"Dont question my greatness, you're all inferior beings. Worship me, minions!"

Yes. That's my everydayface. That's how i sweetly ask you a favor to make me coffee

wow pang model gyud ang body ug face. Congrats sa imung photoshoot:)

Jema2x rana uy. Part rana sa commencement activity sa summer namo hehe.

wow! those boots tho! nice tricep showing in the first pic.. do u even lift?? =p

of, look at that.. im finally caught up on ur posts.. yay!

Nyay!!!! Thanks for taking time!

anne, forget modeling, go strait to movies..

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