Ulog #5: Instagramish Photos of a Model Wanna-be

in #ulog4 years ago (edited)

So my instagram photo just reached a whooping 20 likes ( half of them are from my aunts and cousins). This brought me to a conclusion that it is about time to start my modelling career.














I'M bad at modelling. I always feel awkward posing for photos. My friend Chad, who is very dear to me, really insisted to do these shoots while we decided to have breakfast together. All photos are taken by him. Chad used to be my research buddy on the Production of Eicosapentaenoic acid from Nannochloropsis sp.


And Oh, I was joking about the modelling thing. Have a great weekend everyone!


Seriously...you can try! What's that acid for?
The IG influencer is fab although i know of a legit menstrual-pose that's really, really effective🤣😂

The acid is added in supplement and baby formulas to improve brain function.

although i know of a legit menstrual-pose that's really, really effective

...and what is thaat? 🤣

I always dreamed about being a hatefluencer instead of an influencer: let companies pay you for not talking shit about them.
You could try it this way.

@egotheist, you never fail to amaze me with you genius. That idea is totally new to me but sound so promising. Have you made any efforts in to realizing this dream? Teach me sensei. <3

I have my bright moments :)

Well, I haven't tried anything - yet. But it's definitely on my bucket list. We'll see, I guess.

Teach me sensei. <3

My hentai-detector rings an alarm. Awkward.

Wuuut?!!! Hahaha

awwww. i was almost ready to join ur IG. Ur candid pose is not very candid looking..

Omg. U should develop your senses to detect smell of sarcasm

but in fairness, whats ur IG account?..?.? =p

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