Ulog #2: Another eventful day - I slept all day

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It's about time you stop thinking that rest is for the lazy. The truth is, rest is for the champions. Let me tell you how uneventful..but productive my day was today....

I woke up with extreme pain from menstrual cramps. I called the office to inform that I am going to be late. I had to wait for my pain reliever to kick in. I took a nap...and overslept. Woke up feeling a lot better but I decided to take the day off - I knew I needed to rest.

I shared in my ulog #1 how busy I was that day. Even after I posted my ulog #1, I stayed up late for another post about dieting that I really worked hard on.

So I felt exhausted and decided to just sleep all day. It's probably the best decision I made for today

The Importance of Rest


Resting means the absence of work, so we often associate it with unproductivity. This is what I thought before. However, when work piles up and I refuse to rest, my brain becomes less efficient and even leads to stress.People burn out and disengage from work because they lack rest. Hence, rest is necessary to keep you going


Lets talk a bit about efficiency. In thermodyanmics, efficiency of heat engines is the fraction of the work done by engine to the energy supplied to it.

When efficency is low, energy is wasted because so much energy is used up just to perform a litttle work. Thesame happens when we lack rest. We consume thesame amount of food, we use thesame group of muscles but we can do only so little work. This is because our body is not in its optimum condition. You know what else is wasted besides energy?

We waste precious time.


We should learn how to rest when we recognize there is only little energy left. We may be able to push our body to keep working but our brains will no longer perform at its optimum function. For tasks that needs creativity and innovation, rest is very important.


Sleep is the ultimate form of resting. When we sleep, our body devotes all its energy into restoring damaged cells and storing up energy for the next day.

I slept all day and played all night

If not sleeping, exercise is my form of resting. It doesn't rest my body but it rests my mind. Before I end this post, I'm sharing all the fun stuff I did tonight because I have so much energy after sleeping all day. Haha

Some Pole Shapes


...and some Hoop Play


That's all for today. Thanks for your time. So if you're feeling tired and unmotivated.. ask yourself, When was the last time you rested?


So i need to rest. Good night.

Kung maka dong ohhh.. mura man ganig maguwang pa ko nimo Anne, @anneporter!

Rest is the natural physical state of things

How about you @mathowl?, Howl is it like staying awake all night while everyone else is sleeping? hehe

yea. after staying at this cafe for about 9 hours now (they got pretty fast, free and unlimited wifi) i feel about ready to go home and get some productive sleep.. i like the way u just hang there with ur legs in that last pic, like la la la.. =p u make some good sense ms. porter.

Yes. Your ass must hurt mr. @chinito. Wow. 9 hrs

it did. but i would get up and do the short punches to my butt and also when the big, cushiony chair got free, i moved there.. =p

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