Ulog #13: Confessions of A Pole Dancer

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What I am about to tell you may not represent the rest of the people in the pole community as things are entirely from my own perspective.


DISCLAIMER! This underwear is not mine! I just found it in the locker and figured it will make a cute photo with my pole dancing shoes. Oh how much fun we had while taking this picture. My face speaks everything. Look how supportive juli is! Haha!

I have been training pole for two years now (intermittently, due to some injuries) and as I got to know the sport more, I discovered some things that I didn’t know until I decided to commit to it. You will be surprised how things are not always what they seem. And the first picture obviously represents that statement very well.

1. She will never survive without her pole sisters

pole sisters.jpg

My girls helping me with my flexibility

When I started in pole, I had to admit I had terrible self confidence and was full of insecurities. I made a huge wall around me because I saw everyone as a threat. At that time I was the only beginner in the studio. It wasn’t until I decided to open up and start gaining friends that I realize the entire journey gets so much better when you have support from your friends.

Just like what my boys said,

youll get by.jpg

2. She prefers to spend less time with her non-pole friends

When you have an 8 to 5 job , training 6 to 9 hours a week and trying to rest on weekends, you always have second thoughts about going out for some drinks with your non-pole friends. Because I’m always tight on schedule, I learned to use my free time wisely and spend them with friends I really cherish.


As I become more busy with pole training, I began to choose the friends I spend time with. I spend them wisely with the best people in the world

3. She gets addicted to bruises

pole kisses.jpg

They’re like little badges of honor for being a badass pole ninja. Even when they’re something you don’t like showing to everyone, you feel proud having them.

4. She Secretly Feels Jealous of Other's Progress

renzy and I.jpg

This is my pole sister Renzy, honestly before, I feel threatened and jealous about her skills and progress in pole dancing. Now, we work together to achieve each other's goals

I can now say this out loud because I can confidently claim that I have learned to gain control over these thoughts. Though these feelings are unavoidable, they’re not unmanageable. The bond of sisterhood is stronger than my inner demons

5. She gets judged by people for being “vain” and “hungry for attention”

anne porter.jpg

One of my few vain moments

If you’re a painter, what do you do to your paintings? Do you hide it in your closet? Pole dancers post their pole videos not because they’re trying to show off their panties. We love what we do and we love sharing them. Having an audience will motivate you to improve your craft.

We don’t show our bellies and wear panties for your attention. Our skin helps us stick to the pole, preventing us from falling and breaking our necks. It’s called friction and you don’t get much friction wearing a sweater and pajamas on chrome-coated pole.

6. She lies to her parents.

There were times I spend too much time on pole that I had to lie to my parents that I’ll miss dinner because I’m going out late with friends when I’m actually training. I had to reassure them that I am still a normal person living a normal social-life.

7. She doesn’t give a shit about being seen with her hairy pits

hairy pits.jpg

As I learned to accept my flaws, I also learned to embrace natural phenomenon occurring in my body. That includes its ability to grow a 4-square inch of bushy armpit forest. My pole friends also thinks the same and do not mind it at all.

That's all from me for now. See you in my next post!


hehe hi there anne, :) wow.. u sure do bruise easy.. looks like saging! =p i do like the baby muscles, tho. pls dont go full on crossfit girl on steroids.. =p

it is often hard to NOT think jealous thought or that others are somehow against us.. I try to live now from a i-do-my-own-thing and if people choose to hang around or follow.. awesome! :) I think u are much the same. :)

True. I thinj its natural to compare ourselved to others...and sometimes feel envy. But these feelings/thoughts are manageable

Yup! :) Good way to put it..

This underwear is not mine! I just found it in the locker and figured it will make a cute photo with my pole dancing shoes.


i thought it ws yours talaga

nice write up po


My youngest sister is a member of Polecats. :)

cool i hope she can come visit cebu and come to our studio

Those muscles are so sexy! Pole dancing could not just be a form or artistic dance but also an addicting exercise. Good job ladies :-)

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