ULOG 8th Entry: Unknown Source of Sadness

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Some says it is okay to be sad from time to time. Life isn't always about happy days I guess and I admit that I have some days like this where I feel sad but I cannot tell what is the source of this sadness. Or maybe I know the reason why but I am just denying it.


I am currently waiting for my laundry to finish and it is almost 11 in the evening. To buy some time, my fingers bring me to my Facebook Photo Albums, where I saw lot of pictures that I made private long ago. I saw the old photos from my College life, and I miss going to school. I miss the old times, the good and bad days with my College friends. I remembered our sleepless nights because of the left and right projects. I miss that feeling.


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Maybe I am not sad, I just overthink and misses a lot of things. For example, I miss Mom so much. And I want her to go home already. I also miss my partner whom I can only see during weekends. It makes me so sad but I understand that he can't come home during weekdays because of his work. Luckily I still have my Son beside me.


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Although my partner provides for everything, I still worries about some financial issues. I wish to have some ways to help him other than budgeting. I am thinking looking for ways to earn extra income but I couldn't focus to it because most of my time is being spent dealing with the chores. I tried to manage my time but still couldn't find time for that extra income I keep thinking of. It's really sad.

I pray that this sadness will be gone tomorrow. My birthday is drawing near and I don't want to spend it unhappy. I don't expect anything. All I want is to be happy.

Thank you fellow Ulooggers for hearing me out tonight. For being there to listen tonight. I'm glad to have this site to share my thoughts and feelings.

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We all have that kind of feeling. I myself was feeling a bit low just a couple of days ago. Sometimes I find ways to divert my sadness and turn it to happiness. But sometimes I just can't help but give in and drown into the negativity pool. But it's alright. It's okay to be sad and you don't have to look for any reasons why. Just know that whatever you are going through will pass and this feeling of sadness and loneliness and negativity will soon be gone.

So smile! Pareho pala tayong October. :-) 🎂🍰🍷🍻

Happy Birthmonth to us mem @romeskie and thank you very much for your message. You are absolutely right. This sadness shall pass 😊

Ganun siguro pag madadagdagan ang edad medyo nagiging emotional 😂😂😂

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