ULOG 12th Entry: Enjoying Our Simple Breakfast

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It was very unusual for my partner to prepare breakfast when he's on a night shift at work. But today, he wanted to do so. He got home early today and woke us up by kissing us. He asked if what do we want to eat. He's on his mood to prepare breakfast for us. So I let him do the honor.

It took him 15minutes to prepare our breakfast. He cooked a fried rice and fry an egg which is our Son's favorite. He also bought viands in a Carenderia nearby. He bought Tapa but he still re-cook it at home. He made it a Sisig Tapa and it taste delicious than it was before. We usually eat bread in the morning because I don't cook in the morning. Like what I've said, I am not a morning person and I woke up late. So we're just buying Hot Pandesal. But today is an exception since our cook is with us.


While eating, we were watching our all time favorite Anime, One Piece. We catched up at the episodes we missed and we're now currently at the latest episode, 856th. It was really fun watching what you love while eating with your loved ones. I love days like these where we can have simple breakfast like these. Next week, my partner will change his schedule and he won't be able to come home for the whole week.

It was a good way to start the day! I'd love to wake up with this kind of morning! Good vibes!!!

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