#ULOG:(Day83) 03 Sept 2018" Lunch at Taza Chicken House"

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Having a lunch with @jovema my work colleague at Taza Chicken House located at Hamdan Street in Abu Dhabi. Sometime we should also treat ourself even in just a simple way like having lunch or dinner outside.Yesterday even though we brought foods from home for our lunch I still invited @jovema to have lunch outside. I didn't remember how many months we did not go at Taza even though it is 3 to 5 minutes walking distance from our workplace. We went there during our lunch break at 1: 00 pm. We ordered spicy chicken broast . It's more crispy and I really like their style of preparing this chicken broast compared to some chicken house there in Abu Dhabi. For me and @jovema one order is enough for us. It makes us satisfied and this is also considered as a budget meal.

Lunch at Taza with @jovema.

Spicy Chicken Broast with garlic sauce, bread, and softdrinks for our lunch.

This is my #ulog for today. Thank you very much @surpassingggoogle for this #uloghashtag. This platform helps us minnow steemian to lift up our reputation. Salute to all #ulogger.

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Love the food and very affordable.

I love taza broast. 😆

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