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It was early morning at the Circuit ground. Walking and bathing from the rays felt amazing. While watching the water hyacinth flowing south above the calm Pasig river. It was cool to see how the morning sun reflects to the water below. The slow current was almost unnoticable. If the hyacinth did not move it looks like stagnant. We could see lots of janitor fishes too. It forms circle waves in motion and tried to disturbed the water. I bet the janitor fish helps the clean up drive.The water rises from the little rain we got. Unlike before I came here, that I could see some rocks at the side of the riprap.

With the trees beside the road accentuate the street makes it so calming to the eyes. The shades that it give also is one of its advantage. We loves shades here when the heat feels like burning in our skin but I do not burn. Here you will only like the morning sun because it is known to be good for health. It is also quickly fades so better be early. These trees are lucky, they have spot that makes them eventually grow freely. A chance for it to get cut is zero. I just wish all streets are design to have trees by its side. We most need it shades from the usual scorching sun in the noon time. Trees can help reduce the heat. These trees does not change colors like how the fall are in other parts of the world today but I believe these are also flowering trees. They have its own beauty. Possibly in the future when they get mature we will be able to see a yellow flower from the shower trees and orange red from the fire tree.

One tree is in bloom but its flower is not obvious. It hides from the green leaves while falling from the grounds. The white tiny petals are covering the floor. It falls continously until the last petal. One lady asked me to have her photo taken with that tree. She too was wondering what tree it was. She handed her phone to me while trying to get it right because the sun rays were strong. She said maybe that tree has someone living in it not a 'human', we mean it is a diwata or fairy taking care of it cause she noticed it was the only one which bloomed while the others that were the same kind in line are not having flowers. I just smiled and said maybe.� You know the feeling or thoughts we have in mind when we see big trees, or beautifully unusual? It is always about mythical creatures. We call it diwata, or engkanto or kapre. wheww. Our conversation turned a bit slightly creepy. � That stories that goes on and on until now. We both watch its wonder while the flower keeps on falling one by one. I said to her that the other same tree in a distance is starting to bud too, not that many as this one. We both laughed with that because it depends if you believe it or not.

The walk was ended while the sun becomes too hot and we go to the market to buy something to cook for breakfast.

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Leaving you this very nice lyrics from the song.

The past is everything we were don't make us who we are.
So I'll dream until I make it real
And all I see is stars
Its not until you fall that you fly😊

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