in ulog •  last year

Dedicating this poem to see more followers amd fans instead of using instragram or facebook

My problems aren't unique
I am
Everyday struggles that I deal with
Others been through also
This is wisdom,acknowledged by a will to live
You can learn a lot from others
Being broke is no excuse
It doesn't cost anything to pay attention
Know your worth,embrace your soul
We are in these new modern times
I am the definition of being not right
A society labeling me an adversary
To the left,the other way isn't right
I have a desire to burn
I have become a monster
Inside of me
Separated both
I control,i am master of me
The only way to know true violence,is to know true humbleness
I am the world
And everything in it
How you live is how you die
My soul is my personality
My personality is my currency
I will forever be
What is within ME
For I am godly
I walk the earth in these modern times
The only way to live is to let the past revive in our future
In these modern times I am my ruler
I possess the music
I am our creators instrument.

Hope more followers follow me back.

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