#Ulog (Part-01) My Country Photography | Natural Photgraphy | Photography And Life | Photography No:01 By @emonnaim01

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In this photo, I picked up my Sony camera. I love taking pictures. It's not easy to take good pictures. But I always try to get a better picture.




This is my vegetable. I am a famous person and I am famous. Because these vegetables will be fresh and melodious. There will be no perfectalin in this vegetable. The food will be very test. I love to do all these things, but if I work in this summer, I get scorched once. So I went to work in my field in the afternoon. Now, more work is not done, it's going to be late in the afternoon, and eighty by water.
This photo is original content by @alizafatima99, it takes my Sony camera.

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Hi @alizafatima99 nice pictures and place. What vegetables do you grow? greetings and have a nice day dear!!!

Thanks @dldb1604. This vegetables name is Eggplant.

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