My 1st Entry For #ulog: My Day Was Not So Perfect

in ulog •  last year

Last night @sunnylife shared something to me about the new tag #ulog and #ulogs by @surpassinggoogle and she encouraged me to make a post how my day went. I wasn't able to finish it last night because of tiredness. To read more about it here is the link:

Today, I let my little kulit eat her food all by herself. This is her first time so I didn't let the moment passed without capturing it. She did perfectly good for a first timer! Yey!

Then my good friend which happened to be kulit's godmother sent a picture with her newborn. She gave birth yesterday with a cute bouncing baby girl. I can't explain my happiness for them because it took them some time to have a baby after 2 miscarriages.

So I sent a PM to a common friend telling that she gave birth already. We decided to visit her in the hospital at 7:30.

I just decided to open 3 cans of tuna and sauté it for dinner with boiled rice. Before we go, I tried to print the photo which my friend sent so Juliana has something to give. I got an empty cartridge I guess and decided not to give it anymore.

We arrived in the hospital at 7:15 and waited in the lobby because visiting hours starts at 7:30.
Soon they opened the doors and we headed to my friends room. I knocked 3x on the door before opening...and OH NOooo the people we don't want to see are inside the room. They don't want to see us either I'm pretty sure of that. I even heard her say, "Kamalas naman!"... In myself I answered.. (Ako ba sinuwerte?... Sarap mong pukpukin ng 5inches high heeled red shoes bes! @sunnylife lol! Buti nlng nakasneakers ako..pasalamat ka!huh! ) Out of respect, I let it pass and pretended that I didn't heard anything.

Small world because it's been 3 years or more that we stopped talking and ignoring each other. It began with a misunderstanding that grew over the years. None of us ever tried to resolve it. Maybe because of pride and ego. It's hard when you are in a foreign country and yes you have relatives around but instead of supporting each other. They are ones who let you down. I feel sorry for my husband because they are his relatives. I know he is hurting. It started when my husband brought us here without their knowledge. My husband kept it a secret because they don't want us to be here. Our presence means he is leaving his life being a robot with them. I cant elaborate all that happened in the past because its a long story and very complicated.
It's easy to forgive but to forget is something that will take time. Only time can tell my husband said. Maybe this is not yet the right time and right place for all of us.

My friends and his tita

This is supposed to be a happy day for us. But unexpectedly turned out its opposite. But it is fine... tomorrow is another brand new day.. We, will rise and shine and continue living:)


@surpassinggoogle said at #ulog and #ulogs: Tell if you forgave someone. Tell us of how hard it was. Tell us if you didn't forgive.:)

May 4, 2018

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so you see how this was all sucre. thank you for digesting the post on @ulogs. You also added #ulog in title. thank you. alot said. it is loveable.
thank you for shaking the steem blockchain with your beauty. thank you for beautifying mama earth. thank you for becoming a Ulogger

Dont worry, you will evolve each day as you air things out using your Ulogs


thank you for this #ulog and #ulogs sir @surpassinggoogle we can easily write now about how we feel each day and how our day went. I will surely make #ulog my daily habit from now on:)


@surpassinggoogle great man..... best of luck


wow awesome comment [email protected]

The picture are very beautiful.Picture of a happy family.But it's not perfect for some things.


yes @mianalsadid.. it happens sometimes.. sometimes you thought it went well then all of a sudden some things unexpedly happen..that's life...and its alright!:)

that's ok @akoaypilipina its a good thing that there is a steemit and #ulog by @surpassinggoogle where anyone can share their thoughts rather than sharin it on facebook.


@taminites yes so thankful for this..

What a lovely family :)
Ulog project of @surpassinggoogle was really great


Thanks for the compliment @coderzairos

He is really a good man with a good heart. :)

It may not perfect but you look so happy. I think that's more than good enough :)


yes @gvincentjosephm it was just a day of being not so lucky hehe

very cool family


Thank you @neilanthony

kumusta akoaypilipina! :) wow, such a cutie! thanx for sharing these moments with us.. yay!

im following u and upvoted now.

There are so many people like that, especially in abroad. My mother also experience that, but she just ignore it. They say "walang utang na loob", kapamilya pa namin yan. Hindi nila alam andami dami ng utang na loob ang nabayaran,haha. I always think of, "If you want to help you dont need to wait for something in return". Hindi yung, hindi lang mapagbigyan sa gusto is sasabihin ng walang utang na loob. Hayzz, napahaba tuloy,hehe.


Exactly sis ganyan nga ang issue. Ang utang na loob hindi nababayaran kaya di rin dapat sinisingil hehe. Pero ganun pa man tumatanaw naman sya.. ilang years din syang naging robot dahil nagbabayad ng utang na loob haisst. Yong tipong prang sya na ang sumusuporta sa kanila tas wala na halos natira sa sarili nyang pamilya.. ganon tas sila na nagalit hehe saklap ng life kc nagkitakita kami sa isang room😂

@surpassinggoogle is awesome :)


yes @rajon420..he is great!

Wow! This is beautiful, I love the way you write. I also love those photos too they are beautiful.
I heard about ulog from a friend just yesterday, I think I need to start uloging.


Thank you @prechyrukky.. You have to start really soon.. It's so nice to be a #ulogger at #ulog😉

Wow Lovely family friend your photographs very beautiful


thank you friend @arvindkumar..

Wow. Nice one sis. Though a bit sad but I know you're much happier now.


yes sis... d ako papaapekto ...badvibes un hehe

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thanks for sharing sis. I know it's not easy, ganon tlga minsan lafy:(
Glad you shared it with us, you will feel a bit lighter. Oh yong 5 inches shoes hahaha natawa ako don tlga kagabi pa hehe
Time heals maayos den ang lahat sis. hugsss xoxo


oo nga sis.. and thank you for lending your ears sis that night hahaha.. dko lng nga natapos dhil naiinis talaga ako nong sinusulat ko to..prang naiimagine ko peys nya waaaaa

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Nice one @akoaypilipina.Keep on loving and inspiring your family and the entire community as well.:)


i will and thank you @glenyosores for dropping by..

This is really awesome. Keep ulogging😁😁
Gotta do the same too.


Yes make #ulog a habit.. Become an #ulogger now @ibukunsteve