Ulog 13: Motherhood and Breastfeeding

in ulog •  last year 


This is a photo of my baby girl at 1 week. Today, I want to share that I’m 100% breastfeeding my baby since the time she was born. Breastfeeding my baby is no easy task especially that I underwent a CS operation. But, I have been trying my best to make this breastfeeding journey possible for my baby. I am tolerating all the pain and exhaustion that breastfeeding makes me feel for the sake of my daughter because I believe that through breastfeeding I can give the best nutrition for my baby. Fortunately, after 1 week of eating nutritious foods especially the kinds of soup with vegetables and malunggay leaves, my milk now is more than enough to feed my baby. Also, the pain is lesser now when my baby latches on me.

This is my ulog for today and I hope to be back tomorrow.

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