#Ulog Day54" 23 Sept 2018" Pancit Canton"

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A blessed Sunday to al. Last night I crave for pancit canton so I cook this. Its so simple, easy to prepare and it's so yummy and delicious.

Here's what you need:
Pansit Canton
Carrots thinly slice
Cabbage thinly slice
Red and green bell pepper
Shrimp (peeled)
Oyster sauce

First take a pan, put a little oil then saute your garlic, onion, put your shrimp and some oyster sauce continue mixing then add your vegetable mix it till blended then cover for a while put some water then let it boil then put your pancit canton mix it put some salt to taste and cover for a while then check if its done, Then you have a perfect viand for dinner..You can eat also or serve as a snack​ serve with cold softdrinks..

This is my #ulog for today. Thanks for reading #steemian.

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