#Ulog (day50) 15 Sept 2018, My 2 daughters school achievement rewards"

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Good morning #steemian, I​ came from my 24 hours duty and when I​ open my messenger my daughter send me her certificate and grades. So I​ feel happy, inspired and proud for the achievements of my daughters..Even I'm not with them they make the most of it with their studies, and also thru the guidance of her father..They study harder and strive in school to get good grades. As a mother like me and an OFW this is a reward even we are miles apart with each other it is worth it if your daughters excel in school. Both of my daughters got honors in there school.

My daughter school achievements .

My daughter grades.


My daughter being top 3 in the class.
This is my #ulog for today. Thanks for reading #steemian.

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