#Ulog (Day46) 09/Sept 2018" Craving for Mango"

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A blessed Sunday morning #steemian, we went to our supermarket yesterday and I saw this mango in the fruits and so I buy this one even it's very expensive because it has a lot of benefits in our body.
Mangoes taste so good and it's very healthy and they called this "king of fruits" because of the benefits mango can give to us. You can eat this as raw just peel it and thinly and take a dipping sauce like soy sauce or for us Filipinos we called "bagoong alamang" or you can eat also as ripe one, it's very yummy and sweet. Or you can serve also as fruits shake to beat the summer heat. While I'm typing my #ulog my saliva starts to droll again I remember again this yummy mango I ate yesterday.

Sliced mango with bagoong alamang.

This is unriped mango.

This is my #ulog for today. Thanks for reading #steemian.

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