Ulog + Photography = Ulography #14 Sky photography For all steemit Fan!

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Hello my all steemian

I think you are okay
And also i am so good

#ulog #ulography #uloger
Todays i am going to share with you my some beautiful River photography at Bandarban In chittagong, i think you like this all scenario of Photo. This a art of photography , my own captured this all photo, i think you are really impressed see this beauty of my village art and mine , so lets go to show this wonderful art scenario.

When i was going to my home to eidul adha vacation in village home whilei art this photo and village, than i am goin to some special place than captured this photos Wih my village friends , and also i decide this all photo i dedicate my hono-urable and respectable person with @surpassinggoogle and @mermaidvampire

So i am going to one special photo with my special person who is name @surpassinggoogle this photo dedicate honourable boss @surpassinggoogle and @ulogger



photo taken @ahmanik
device Cannon700D
Location Bandarba, Chittagong

After a long time i able to post on steemit cause thats long time going to update on steemit Hardfork 20, by the its a successfully done,i really happy to success it.thanks steemit community and @steemit all.

Also thanks @ulogs



photo taken @ahmanik
device Cannon700D
Location Chittagong

My another captured photography of Padma river i captured this photo at noon time, yoy see this photo. I dam sure you like it .



photo taken @ahmanik
device Cannon700D
Location Diya Bari,Dhaka



photo taken @ahmanik
device Cannon700D
Location bandarban,Chittagong



photo taken @ahmanik
device Cannon700D
Location Chittagong



photo taken @ahmanik
device Cannon700D
Location Diya bari,Dhaka

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Thank you so much for staying

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