ULOG: Woken Up with a Loud Sound Outside

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Like yesterday I still am not feeling well so I am sleeping the whole day, until I was woken up with a loud sound outside

It was a three loud BANG!!! and my initial reaction was "It will Rain"

I try to go back to sleep but suddenly the neighbor starts screaming to have their clothes inside the house as ashes starts falling. I got curious and take a look outside seeing this:


I am not quite sure on what I have captured, my initial reaction was a fire nearby but the ashes that falls were different from that of the ashes created with fire.

Minutes later and the news about the Taal volcano located in Batangas erupted. I was in shock as I do not recall any news with the sign of the said volcano erupting, I immediately turn on the tv seeing that the heard news was true.

It wasn't good as I still am not feeling well and it can trigger my coughing worst. We have already closed all the doors and window to avoid the ashes going inside the house.

After a couple of minutes I have seen this:


My neighbor's motorcycle being covered with ashes from the Taal volcano eruption.

Hope everyone is safe upon the eruption of the volcano, also please be guided to the rellocation sites.

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