[Jan 2020]{ULOG} Buying my first Guppies goes Wrong

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Today was Friday and I choose to Work From Home, I was not feeling well when I woke up so I immediately notify my Team Lead that I will be working from home.

My Team Leader was very understanding and he immediately give me the request that I am asking to him.

My work runs over the day as usual, despite me taking a nap almost every couple of hours because I was sleepy with the medications that I am taking. If I am not mistaken, I am feeling better after my nap in the lunch time.

As I browse in facebook I try to look for guppies that were for sale and near where I live by making a post in some guppy selling/buying facebook group.

I got many response from those facebook group and one named Gerome offered me his guppies for a very low price. I immediately make a deal with him and we met at HBC San Pedro located at Nueva St. corner National Highway, Brgy, San Pedro, Laguna.

We agreed to meet up at exactly 5:30 pm but I was late due to a very heavy traffic. It was because it's the first Friday of the month and the year, many devotees of Lolo Uweng (Jesus Christ in the Holy Sepulchre).

Lolo Uweng have so many devotees due to the miracles that were said to be his work and usually people gather every first and last friday of the month to show their devotion.

I was really ashamed of myself as I let Gerome wait me for about an hour in our meeting place.

But Gerome was very kind that he didn't care at all, according to him it was completely alright and no big deal.


After our deal I decided to go home already not knowing that it will go very wrong. There were many passenger and I feel like it will take me 5 hours to get a ride. I walked almost 5 kilometers just to get a ride and DAMN!!! my leg hurts!

According to the google map it would take almost an hour to reach my destination but I think I walk faster as it takes me only 45 mins. As I got home I immediately take business transferring my guppies to my tank and will be having a good rest.




Did you like flower horn?

Hi @cryptosearch, YES!!!! I am planning to have one once I finished the 3 tanks that I have now. I want them to be fully set-up first before buying another tank. And flowerhorn is one of the next fishes I will be buying.

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